Survey results 2019 by technologies and regions for all disciplines

Exploring the data by regions

Technologies Votes Regions - Votes(%)
Europe North America South America Asia and Oceania Africa The Worldwide
Adaptive and personalized learning 12123.1433.065.7914.0519.8315.57
Chatbots and Virtual assistants 1442.8621.43-14.2921.431.80
Cloud computing 4020.0020.005.0010.0027.505.15
Digital accreditations (badges, free and paid digital diplomas) 2020.0040.0020.005.0015.002.57
Digital Twins 862.5012.5012.50-12.501.03
Distributed remote labs (federated remote labs) 2254.5513.644.559.0918.182.83
Games & Serious games to foster student's engagement and motivation 3246.8828.139.389.386.254.12
Intelligent tutoring system 6131.1527.871.649.8424.597.85
Internet of Things applications and its use in the classroom/laboratory 6322.2226.987.947.9428.578.11
Learning analytics 7240.2825.005.5613.8913.899.27
Massive Open Online Courses 4320.9311.636.9823.2625.585.53
Mobile apps 3735.1416.225.4110.8124.324.76
Open Educational Resources and Practices 9420.2130.857.4515.9619.1512.10
Peer online assessment 1233.3316.67-25.0016.671.54
Remote labs 2917.2434.486.906.9017.243.73
Robotics in the classroom to enhance student motivation 4219.0535.717.1411.9026.195.41
Virtual labs 504.0044.006.0010.0026.006.44
XR and immersive environments 1723.5335.29-29.4111.762.19
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