Survey results 2021 by technologies and regions for all disciplines

Exploring the data by regions

Technologies Votes Regions - Votes(%)
Europe North America South America Asia and Oceania Africa The Worldwide
Adaptive and personalized learning 7533.3328.006.6729.331.3312.76
Chatbots and Virtual assistants 3---100.00-0.51
Cloud computing 2920.6931.036.9034.48-4.93
Digital accreditations (badges, free and paid digital diplomas) 1435.7121.437.1421.4314.292.38
Digital fabrication and makerspaces 1136.3636.36-27.27-1.87
Digital Twins 850.0037.50-12.50-1.36
Games & Serious games to foster student's engagement and motivation 2626.9246.1519.237.69-4.42
Intelligent tutoring system 3333.3333.336.0624.243.035.61
Internet of Things use in the classroom/laboratory 1936.8431.5815.7910.53-3.23
Learning analytics 4325.5827.919.3032.562.337.31
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) 2725.9325.937.4133.333.704.59
Mobile apps 1520.0026.6713.3320.006.672.55
Open Educational Resources and Practices 6622.7339.3910.6124.243.0311.22
Peer online assessment 1631.2537.50-25.00-2.72
Remote and Hybrid Lecture Tools (Videoconferencing, cloud-based whiteboards, etc.) 7524.0033.336.6734.671.3312.76
Remote labs (hardware manipulation through a web) 3630.5630.568.3330.56-6.12
Robotics in the classroom to enhance student motivation 1838.8950.00-11.11-3.06
Virtual labs (web-based simulation software) 5623.2139.295.3628.573.579.52
XR and immersive environments 1833.3322.225.5638.89-3.06
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