Survey results 2021 by regions for Mobile apps and all disciplines. N=15 votes

Exploring the data by regions

Regions Votes(%) Time to adoption(%) Challenges(%)
1 year or less2-3 Years4-5 Years Better understanding of new ways of interacting with studentsCreativity in designing learning experiencesDevelopment of better technology infrastructuresImproving Digital LiteracyMaturity of the technologyMore funds to further development and implantationNew pedagogical methodologies that apply to the technologyRethinking the role of educators
North America26.6775.0025.00-50.00-25.00--25.00--
South America13.3350.0050.00-----50.0050.00--
Asia and Oceania20.0066.6733.33-33.3333.33----33.33-
The Worldwide100.0066.6733.33-33.3313.3320.00-6.6713.3313.33-
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