Sistema IoT anti-robo de bajo costo para movilidad


Sistema IoT anti-robo de bajo costo para movilidad

El pasado 3 de Octubre de 2022 se defendió satisfactoriamente el Trabajo Fin de Máster correspondiente al Master of Information and
Communication Electronic System
de la UNED titulado «Development of A Low Power Anti-Theft IoT System For Mobility Devices’, dirigido por Sergio Martín.

Aquí os dejamos el resumen del trabajo por si os resulta de interés:

The advancements in the communication technologies, such as wireless sensor networks (WSN), mobile networks or global positioning systems (GPS), have facilitated the development of devices capable of position tracking anything that roams earth’s surface. This allows the end user to locate a stolen device from a terminal like a smart phone or a personal computer connected to the network.

The evolution of long-range communications, along with the improvement of microcontroller features, has allowed these types of devices to increase their efficiency in power management and reduce their footprint and weight, allowing them to be embedded in very tight spaces like the handlebar of a bike or the platform of an electric scooter.

This thesis consists of the analysis of the current available technologies for wireless sensor networks, focusing on the field of the Internet of Things, and low power architectures offered by modern microcontroller manufacturers. It concludes with the development of a functional prototype of a low-power anti-theft IoT system.

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