Publicado Libro «Teaching and Learning Advances on Sensors for IoT»


Publicado Libro «Teaching and Learning Advances on Sensors for IoT»

En el mes de Abril de 2021 hemos editado un libro de investigación en abierto titulado «Teaching and Learning Advances on Sensors for IoT«, como edición impresa del Special Issue de mismo nombre publicado en la revista Sensors.

ISBN 978-3-0365-0522-0 (Hbk); ISBN 978-3-0365-0523-7 (PDF)

En dicho libro aparecen, entre otros, artículos de varios investigadores de la red eMadrid, pertenecientes a UNED y UPM.

Aquí tenéis el resumen:

This book focuses on all the technologies involved in improving the teaching and learning process of some of the sensor-based IoT topics, such as virtual sensors, simulated data acquisition, virtual and remote labs for IoT sensing, gamification experiences and innovative teaching materials, among others. In particular, the articles inside the book show excellent works about hot topics, such as:

  • Remote labs for IoT teaching, including the full development cycle. – Practical guides for IoT cybersecurity.
  • Innovative multimodal learning analytics architecture that builds on software-defined networks and network function virtualization principles.
  • Problem-based learning experiences using designed complex sensor-based IoT ecosystems with sensors, actuators, microcontrollers, plants, soils and irrigation systems.
  • Block-based programming extensions to facilitate the creation of mobile apps for smart learning experiences.

The articles published in this book present only some of the most important topics about sensor-based IoT learning and teaching. However, the selected papers offer significant studies and promising environments.

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