Publicado artículo en revista IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine


Publicado artículo en revista IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine

El pasado Noviembre de 2019, la prestigiosa revista IEEE Consumer Electronics, indexada en el Q1 del Journal Citation Ranking (JCR), ha publicado el artículo titulado «Security Vulnerabilities in Raspberry Pi–Analysis of the System Weaknesses» escrito por investigadores de nuestro grupo de investigación, y con un factor de impacto de 3.273.

Este es el abstract del artículo:

The Internet of Things (IoT) is made up of many devices, platforms, and communication protocols. Among them, Raspberry Pi has arisen as one of the most popular equipment for hobby and education purposes because of its low cost, small size, flexibility, and potential. Nevertheless, Raspberry Pi needs an operating system to work, which exposes it to software vulnerabilities despite the many advantages it provides in comparison with nonoperating system devices. This device also has hardware limitations, which impact on its security. These limitations exist because some concessions had to be done during the design in order to decrease the cost of the device. This article analyzes different hardware and software vulnerabilities that can be found in a Raspberry Pi when using a default installation of different available operating systems. Finally, we propose a list of good practices to minimize the presented issues.

Y aquí os dejamos la reseña por si os resulta de interés:

Sainz-Raso, J., Martin, S., Diaz, G y Castro, M.

Security vulnerabilities in Raspberry Pi –Analysis of the System Weaknesses.

IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine, November 2019, Volume: 8, Issue: 6, pp. 47-52,

Print ISSN: 2162-2248, Online ISSN: 2162-2256, DOI: 10.1109/MCE.2019.2941347.

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers), ISSN: 2162-2248, Piscataway (USA).

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