Survey results 2022 by technologies and disciplines for The Worldwide. N=3 votes

Exploring the data by disciplines

Technologies Votes Disciplines - Votes(%)
AerospaceBiomedical EngineeringChemical and Biochemical EngineeringCivil EngineeringComputer Science and Software EngineeringControl SystemsElectrical and Computer EngineeringElectronicsEnergyGeoscience and Remote SensingIndustrialMechanical EngineeringOtherRoboticsTechnology and Engineering EducationTelecommunicationsVehicular Technology All disciplines
Adaptive and personalized learning 1-------100.00---------33.33
Chatbots and Virtual assistants 0------------------
Cloud computing 0------------------
Digital accreditations (badges, free and paid digital diplomas) 0------------------
Digital fabrication and makerspaces 0------------------
Digital Twins 0------------------
Games & Serious games to foster student's engagement and motivation 0------------------
Intelligent tutoring system 0------------------
Internet of Things use in the classroom/laboratory 0------------------
Learning analytics 0------------------
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) 0------------------
Mobile apps 0------------------
Open Educational Resources and Practices 0------------------
Peer online assessment 0------------------
Remote and Hybrid Lecture Tools (Videoconferencing, cloud-based whiteboards, etc.) 0------------------
Remote labs (hardware manipulation through a web) 1-------100.00---------33.33
Robotics in the classroom to enhance student motivation 0------------------
Virtual labs (web-based simulation software) 1-------100.00---------33.33
XR and immersive environments 0------------------
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